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Westin W6 Boat 6`6 XH 20-30 lbs

Produktnummer: W609-0662-XH

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Enough messing around, sometimes fishing is serious, and the W6 Boat is for those occasions. Designed following a long testing process it is perfect for hardcore guides or sea anglers. When chasing monster predators like cod and halibut you need three things: sensitivity, lightness and raw strength – and this rod has the top card in all three. ‘TORAY’ High performance carbon gives you a light and sensitive rod that could also pull any monster from the depths. If this rod was a human it would make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a wimpy kid.

  • Saltwater super grade EVA handle
  • Reel Seat: Fuji® DPS-H, rubber coated
  • Guides: Fuji® SiC
  • Blank: ‘TORAY’ High Performance Carbon for superior action, casting and strength
  • Custom design Comfort Cross Gimbal (CCG)
  • Low-profile guide wrappings