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TUF Line Indicator 2160 meter

Produktnummer: VM-133132

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Superior TUF-Line XP Performance, Color-Metered Every 10 Feet.

Trolling, back-trolling, jigging suspended fish...consider any application where a fast reference to a precise length of line adds precision to your presentation and TUF-Line XP indicator is your choice.  
Changing colors every 10 feet, simply count the color changes to your desired length or depth.  Repeating color pattern from yellow to green to red offers tremendous advantages. Yellow provides  a high visibility  length for tracking trolling spreads.  Green offers a low visibility tie off point for shallow water applications.  Disappearing red is the tie off point for low visibility in open water fisheries.  When running multiple rods, you never have to remove more than 30-feet of line to identically match multiple rods, limiting wasted line and maximizing your investment in TUF-Line XP Indicator´s premium performance.