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Smith Creek Spent Line Wrangler

Produktnummer: VM-20565

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Unngå linerester i naturen! Spent Line Wrangler egner seg til å samle opp rester på fisketuren til man kan få kastet rester på egnet sted, enkel og praktisk.

Spent Line Wrangler™

The Smith Creek Spent Line Wrangler™ allows an angler to easily coil and control the waste fishing line that’s created while fishing. It’s the spent-line-wrangler that allows anglers to coil spent line, then holds it together in their pocket until it’s ready to be trashed. Keeping mono out of the environment helps anglers to: Keep our streams clean.



  • Eco friendly – Keep our streams clean
  • Holds waste fishing line securely and out of the environment
  • Easy to use – simply coil line around tool and fingers
  • See instructions on package
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good-looking slim design to fits easily into your pocket or tackle box
  • Rugged Smith Creek quality
  • Anodized marine grade aluminum and UV resistant materials