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By utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite, SPEY R8 rods heighten the smooth transfer of energy throughout the three key components of the Spey cast, allowing anglers to effectively Lift line off the water, Load the rod sufficiently, and Deliver the fly to the target. Casts become instinctive and consistent. Simultaneously, we Fine-Tuned rod models and actions to match the vast array of Spey situations found around the globe. The result is a Spey Casting Synergy that’s enjoyable and approaching effortless. Be it steelhead, Atlantic salmon, king salmon, or sea-run brown trout; Skagit, Scandi or Traditional lines; SPEY R8 rods capitalize on each cast, increasing the likelihood of the almighty moment that we all are devoted to.

Introducing SPEY R8


An effective Spey cast is dependent on efficient transfers of energy in each of its three key components: the Lift, Load, and Delivery. Utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite technology along the full length of double-handed rod tapers results in a blank with an unmatched ability to capture and carry power, plus exceptional tracking. Energy produced during the cast and applied directly to the rod are transmitted entirely into the line, so Spey casters aren’t required to compensate for lost energy or imprecise rod reactions. With SPEY R8, casts are smooth, instinctual, and consistent.


Adequate stiffness and power are required to Lift heavy sink tips, longheads, and bulky flies off the water, but responsiveness is also key to ensure that no efforts are wasted; when the angler begins moving the rod, the line and fly also move. All the while, minimizing blank weight is critical to reducing fatigue. 


While sustained- and airborne-anchor Spey casts generate their energy indifferent ways, in either case the rod needs to Load sufficiently to be able to turn over the sink-tip or leader, tippet, and fly at the desired distance. R8Technology maximizes the amount of energy collected in sweep or touch-and-go moves, carries that energy into the D-Loop, and transfers it smoothly into the rod.


To effectively Deliver the fly to its target, enough energy must be transferred from the loaded rod into the Spey line. SPEY R8 rods apply the responsiveness and tracking abilities of R8 Technology to diminish lost energy and reduce lateral movements upon the forward stroke, providing casting power and accuracy. 



In designing our new SPEY R8 rods, we recognized there isn’t a single rod action appropriate for the wide variety of Spey fishing applications found around the globe. We identified four distinct Spey rod applications, each with its own unique set of requirements. This new approach matches rod action to application, ensuring anglers have the most fine-tuned Spey rod for their fishing. Across the family, our Revolution 8 Technology ensures a remarkably smooth and intuitive feel, no matter the line configuration.


At the heart of the SPEY R8 family are the collection of models designed with a Max Versatility action. These rods excel in the majority of Spey fishing situations and are the best suited to handle a mix of line types and casting styles. Available in rod weights appropriate for summer and winter steelhead, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, and other sea-run targets, the assorted Max Versatility models are proficient at casting the typical combinations of lines, leaders, tips, and flies that each season requires. With core lengths of 12’6” to 13’6”,lines can be controlled when on the water, and rivers big or small are all in play. Steelheaders looking for their go-to, multi-application Spey rod will find it here.


Targeting the biggest and brightest Atlantic salmon, winter steelhead, or Chinook on vast and deep rivers is the most demanding form of anadromous angling and our Most Powerful SPEY R8models are required. With additional blank strength and rod lengths up to 15’, these rods offer maximum amounts of power and control. For the angler, this translates into increased abilities to move and lift long and heavy lines from the water, then carry them through the entire Spey cast, all in the face of extreme conditions. In technical situations where line and loop control, casting range, and fish-fighting strength are paramount

and none can be compromised, choose the Most Powerful models of the SPEY R8 family.


Our Lightweight Line Speed models are designed specifically for summer-run steelhead, smaller salmon, and oversized trout. While fly size and desired depth may be modest when targeting these fish, placement is absolutely critical; you have to fish where the fish are. To cover the water effectively, anglers need high line speeds to cut through wind and turn over flies completely so the swing engages immediately. This is especially true when fishing bulky, wind-resistant surface flies. At the same time, the tool must match the quarry and shouldn’t be overpowered. Our Lightweight Line Speed models, available in a 5- or 6-weight, shine in these scenarios, where winds arrive daily and potential holding water extends from bank to bank.


When tenuous wading and compromised space for D-Loops call for situational and creative Spey casts, Switch rods are ideal - often essential - tools. The SPEY R8 Switch rods are built for Spey casting in the closest of quarters, where maximum distance isn’t required but getting the fly to turnover and into the zone is critical. Efficient, capable, and dynamic, these models pack a punch and allow anglers to alter their cast and change approaches according to the surroundings. Despite their shorter length of 11’6”, they cast both Skagit and Scandi lines to necessary and even surprising distances. In core sizes of 7- and 8-weight, they’re scaled to match a variety of species from trout to salmon and steelhead.


Sage’s history designing and building Spey rods dates back to the late-1980’s - nearly the beginning of the company itself - when America’s Spey Revolution was just beginning. While the SPEY R8 family’s performance is a culmination of our most-advanced material technology, blank designs, and rod weight-length configurations to date, we’ve chosen the aesthetics as a nod to our deep Spey rod history, the pioneers of this niche within fly fishing, and of course, the anadromous fish themselves. Every detail is a thoughtful mix of functional intention and traditional looks. The overall look feels fresh yet familiar, is distinctively Sage, and inspires you to pick up the rods and fish them.


The SPEY R8 blank color is a modern take on Sage’s original and iconic Two-Handed rods. Rich and warm, these Ale colored blanks signify the meeting of history, culture, and innovation. Gold and black trim wraps and silk screens alongside grey thread wraps complete the package.


Following the classic theme, we used a traditional wood insert on the reel seats. For SPEY R8, we chose a deep walnut wood, complementary to the Ale blank color. Components are a matte Granite anodized aluminum and down-locking, except those on the Switch rods, which are up-locking for better balance.


SPEY R8 rods feature brand-new handle profiles with smaller diameters and updated ergonomics. The top handle accommodates a wide variety of grip preferences and positions while the bottom handle’s shape enhances leverage. Symmetrical trim rings bracket the reel seat, adding a touch of elegance.