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Smith Creek Net Holster

Produktnummer: VM-20564

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Net Holster™

The Smith Creek The Net Holster™ is changing the way anglers are carrying their nets. It is quite simply the new, better way to carry your landing net. It holds your net securely, and out of the way, against your back.

It keeps the net from being caught in bushes and trees while walking and from swinging around your back and getting in your face while bending over. It also puts an end to fumbling with a clip behind your back to unhook your net while trying to control a fish-heavy rod with the other hand. “Quick to draw, and easy to holster” sums up this great new product perfectly.

The Net Holster™ fits any type of belt or wading belt and is adjustable so it can hold any type of net - big or small, wood or metal.

It’s patented worldwide and hand made in New Zealand from nonglare anodized aluminum with a UV resistant strap, it’s built to last a lifetime.



  • The smart way to carry your net
  • Finally a way to carry your landing net without it getting in the way
  • No more fumbling with a clip behind your back
  • Quick to draw. Easy to holster.
  • Keeps your net secure and out of the way
  • No more getting tangled in trees, trailing in the current, or flipping in your face when you bend over.
  • Adjustable strap
  • Fits all landing nets - big or small, wood or metal.
  • Crafted in New Zealand using the finest materials
  • Handmade to last a lifetime
  • Guide tested - And still using them ... they wouldn’t give them back!