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Hign & Dry Powdered Floatant With Brush

Produktnummer: GL10705

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The High N Dry Powdered Floatant with Applicator Brush delivers a very fine and even coating of water repelling particles to the dry fly. The coating is so fine it is almost invisible! The floatant also helps trap air and improve buoyancy so it is useful for both dry flies and nymphs. The advanced formula utilizes nanoparticle technology in conjunction with hydrophobic (water hating) chemistry for unrivaled waterproofing performance. This powder is formulated not to clump up and overload the applicator brush with excess floatant. This is a common problem that occurs with other powder floatants available in the market.

The dosage to the applicator brush tip is precise. Also, you should have no worries with applying powder to your dry fly or nymph on windy days! If you are fishing with flies that has wings or legs made of CDC this product is the best out there to revitalize the fly fibers. With the brush you can carefully revitalize any part of the fly to it’s originally shape and properties. This is a must-have product for your emergers and duns tied with CDC.

The floatant is contained in a sturdy 1.7oz. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bottle with a special applicator brush that allows pinpoint application of the floatant. A full 1.8 grams of pure floatant is provided.