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Extacy Liquid -PVC Glue

Produktnummer: SB-EXTAC

inkl. mva.

PVC Lim spesiallaget for Pontong og bellyboats. Alltid husk avfetting av området som skal limes. Det er extremt viktig!!

EXTASY Liquid PVC for the repair of all products made of PVC.
Now you do not need to look for a patch of similar material to glue a boat, float tube, standup paddle or damaged raft. Just put a few drops of EXTASY Liquid PVC on the perforation or cut.
EXTASY Liquid PVC will follow you everywhere, whether in the mountains, at sea, in the river!



The surface to be repaired must be dry and clean.
EXTASY LIQUID PVC should be used for all punctures of a product, or a cut of 2-3 cm maximum.
Just drop one or more drops of EXTASY LIQUID PVC at the location of the puncture or cut (picture 1).

For best results, apply an additional coat of EXTASY LIQUID PVC again after a few minutes (picture 2).

If the damage is too great and it is about a cut / notch of more than 2-3 cm, then it is necessary to use a reinforcing
frame during the apposition of the first layer.
The second layer must be passed within 5-10 minutes (picture 3).


It is obvious that these repairs concerning products whose use is subjected to a vital risk, (boats in PVC, float tube, pon -
toon, raft, etc.) the degreasing of the surface to be repaired is MANDATORY!
Post repair use should not be done before 24 hours.
Not suitable for repairing rubber goods!