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Simms Bounty Hunter 6 Single-hand Rod Canon Coal

Produktnummer: FF11197-064-4610

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Bounty Hunter 6 Single-hand Rod Canon

A sturdy protective case for traveling with up to six single-hand 10-foot rods.



Once on the water, daily concerns are replaced with living in the moment. Your needs are simple but having options is always good. When your destination calls for your single-hand rod quiver, our Bounty Hunter 6 Single Hand Rod Cannon provides bomber protection for your collection. There is space for six four-piece rods, so you can match the weight and objective of the day. A single reel storage case lets you pack a ready-to-fish reel with your rods. The sturdy hard case is covered with heavy gauge fabric and protects your investment from the rigors of extended travel. There's an adjustable shoulder strap to free up your hands to hold other gear, plus locking zippers and a built-in luggage tag add security when traveling.