Century Carbon Metal BB 15` 100-175 gr

Varenummer: Cent-CM
Lagerbeholdning: Tilgjengelig for salg

Carbon Metal BB

BB signifies "BlackBird” as Danny asked if we could and named after the legendary Lockheed S71 fast, long range, strategic aircraft!. The Carbon Metal BB is a well thought out progression of an existing principal - used by Continental anglers. Longer rods for lighter line fishing to cast big distances "at a stroke”.

The BB reduces the need to develop advanced casting styles and can help deliver considerable extra distance without changing from the most common overhead casting styles. It is thus easier to upgrade from rods where the angler has already developed certain skills and just wants get down to the serious business of fishing. We have worked extensively on the design of BB and in the process achieved a World Record cast of 229m using fixed spool reel - however Century does not recommend this rod for exclusive grass court - tournament work.

Global warming and commercial over fishing are driving traditional fish stocks away from existing habitats towards deeper and cooler waters. This has influenced our design thinking and we are looking to satisfy enthusiastic shore anglers who wish to pursue their sport under these changing conditions. Species such as pout, sea bass, John Dory and red mullet are increasingly populating more northerly latitudes and this presents new opportunities for dedicated designs like the Carbon Metal BB. We have received positive feedback on BB’s power to weight ratio and this benefit inevitably assists the roving angler.

The BB is highly effective using fixed spool or multiplier reels. We recommend 6lb - 10lb lines on fixed spool and 10 - 20lb lines on multipliers (use fingerstalls on fixed spool)


  • Autoclave Technology
  • Blank colour: Carbon Metal twill and 3k-1k carbon upper butt – unground UD carbon tip
  • Factory Finish ring patterns: Fuji BNHG intermediates: KIGAN BNHG butt and BPHT 12 tip
  • Tied in black and coated in ThreadMaster epoxy varnish. Silver metallic trim bands
  • Marine grade etched stainless steel trim band – upper butt
  • Casting Ratio: 3-6oz, (100 - 175gm) plus bait
  • Butt Diameter - rod: 1.01” (2..58cm) – mid point
  • Length: 14’10” (4.60m) : Butt 91” (2.31m) Tip 87 ¼” (2.31m)
  • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle
  • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt
  • Reflective tape between top two guides
  • Century sliding reel seat with integrated Coaster
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