Savage Gear 3-D Manic Shrimp 6,6 cm

Nyhet 2014!

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Savage Gear 3-D Manic Shrimp

    • Created using 3-D scans of real shrimp
    • Pre-rigged with a weighted, ultrasharp EWG hook
    • Specially designed tail, exaggerated legs and antenna
Molded using 3-D scanning of a real shrimp, Savage Gear´s Manic Shrimp wreaks havoc on a wide variety of saltwater sport fish. The soft-plastic construction, lifelike paint scheme and strike-inducing kicking action, make this realistic underwater bait one you´ll never want to leave home without. Exaggerated legs and antennae create attractive swimming movements on both the fall and the retrieve. Pre-rigged with a weighted EWG hook. Tail section is infused with nylon mesh to help prevent tearing on the hookset. 6 stk pr. pakke.